Congratulations to Thoa

By June 9, 2020 No Comments

Thoa, who lived in Papa’s house, graduated from the Hanoi University of Culture. She has worked hard and her hard work has paid off. CONGRATULATIONS to Thoa! We could not be more proud of  you. Thoa received her degree in Creative Arts, specifically Dance, from the Creative Writing and Journalism Department. She is currently working alongside Huong for our Social Enterprise, PureVN, and has her own business teaching dance.

We are so proud of her and the young woman she has become. She is confident, smart, beautiful, exceptionally funny, and yes, opinionated. This is what we love most about her. She will be successful in whatever she does. She has seeds of greatness within her. We thank Huong and Tuan Anh who were her house parents for 3 years and provided a safe home and positive environment for Thoa. We also want to thank Huong, our country coordinator, who has invested much love and time building relationship with Thoa and last but not least thank you to all who support PureVN. This would not be possible without each of you who financially and prayerfully support our efforts to create solutions for youth at risk. Thoa’s success is a result of a community of people in action. This is how it happens, one life at a time.

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