“I Have Received a Lot of Help and Now I Want to Do It on My Own and Thrive!”

By March 2, 2023 No Comments

Remember Thang? Here is a brief note on how he is doing.

We checked in with Thang recently and he is doing very well and enjoying his independent life. He is making good and steady income from his graphic design job. He even bought himself a motorbike. Well done, buddy!

Moreover, Thang also sets aside part of his salary to send the countryside to support his needy relatives.

But what we are most impressed with is that he is very determined and keeps dreaming bigger as each day goes by. He is now learning tailoring and digital painting.

So what’s his goal, you may ask.

Thang’s goal for this year is to purchase a laptop, a sewing machine and to finish his tailoring course. He hopes to open a shop in his hometown in the country to live close to his loved ones. He’s very determined to accomplish these himself.

Thang shared, “I have received a lot of help (from PureVN). Now I want to do it my own and thrive.”

 Bless you, Thang! We are proud of you. We wish you success and continue to spread out the love and hope that you have received.

Thang’s story is one example of a graduate coming out of our PureVN’s transition home and integrating to life on his own.

Thank you for helping us to empower and transform Thang’s life!