Miss Brave

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Meet Trang. She recently competed in the Miss Universes Vietnam and finished in the top 7. The theme of the competition was “Brave”, and Trang was awarded Miss Brave. Two of the dresses she wore for the competition were originals from Papa Shop recycle program. Her pageant wear selections were custom designed, handmade pieces from our recycled clothes. Here she is wearing the yellow dress design. Papa Shop was the first secondhand store in Hanoi and, once firmly established, will be used as an income stream for PureVN. For the clothes that do not sell, some are sent to remote villages for people who need clothes. The fabric from the rest of the clothes is recycled to create new designs and sold online at Trang drew enough attention with her choice of wardrobe, that several opportunities have opened up for Huong to discuss the repurpose project, the transition houses, and PureVN. Exciting times.

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