PureVN Is Now An International Social Enterprise In Vietnam

By August 17, 2020 No Comments

Great News! We now have our Social Enterprise Status in Vietnam. We are the 2nd International Social Enterprise in all of Vietnam.  We are recognized by the Vietnamese Government as an investment company and we now have our virtual office in Hoan Kiem District.  Papa shop which is a PureVN income stream in Vietnam will fall under the umbrella of our social enterprise. Our status has accelerated us into phase 2.  PureVN has from the beginning been divided into 3 phases.  The 1st phase was to provide transitional houses for youth at risk specifically for those kids who age out of the orphanage. Our 2nd phase is to assist the local community to provide ideas to help families in need through communication and finances. By helping to strengthen the family unit and creating healthy families,  children are more likely to remain with the family instead of being institutionalized.  With the addition of phase 2, we will soon begin our first classes on marriage at our family center along side partners who will be assisting us in our efforts. The Family Wellness Center will center on the family and will provide quality conversations for marriage and for parents in the area of family planning and parent child relationship as well as financial planning.  In the family center, we will also have a library which will be funded by the New Zealand Embassy. We are so grateful for their partnership and desire to strengthen the Vietnamese family by donating funds so that we could provide access to help resources for the communities.  



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