The Dream Sketch

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New year, new you, new us together…

New year has come to our transition families. As a tradition, PureVN usually organizes a year-end gathering to review the last year and plan for the new year. This special event took place right after Lunar New year at PureVN office in Hanoi.

All of our youth had so much fun, and it was a meaningful time together.

What we did? We had a meal together, we played fun games, and then sat down to share the wonderful things each experienced last year.

What were some of the things shared? A concert of joy. Someone said he rejoiced because he was able to be more in tune with everyone in his transition home and having some good performance. Someone else said she was happy because of her being more open and confident last year. Another one was excited to be moving out to start working, to begin making a difference.

And there was more Others shared that they were filled with gratitude. They were grateful to the transition home program, to the house parents in transition homes who have been so loving and supportive.

What was next? We assisted our youngsters to dream for themselves and to plan together through this so-called “dream sketch” activity. Each member was to sketch out their dreams and goals in form of a tree. So, there were a good variety of dream trees, from dreaming to graduating university with good grades, landing a job with one’s career choice, securing an ESL IELTS score 6.5, learning another music instrument, to achieving a scholarship.

How it ended? To mark the end of the event and launch into the new year with hopes, plans, and dreams, we grouped our youth into pairs, which we called accountability pair, so each in a group of two will support and encourage one another to accomplish their goals throughout the year.



Let us cheer them on and wish all of the transition home young folks a year with great success, development and dreams come true!