There Is So Much Potential In A Person

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On the set at Nana’s House. The Vietnam People’s News Channel did a segment on the transition house project highlighting Nana’s house.

Huong, our country coordinator, has had several conversations with people who said they were touched by this news segment. This was at least the 4th news segment on the transition homes. The word is getting out of the work of PureVN which is opening up doors for more opportunities for young lives who are transitioning from the orphanage to adulthood; a transition that encompasses the love and support of a father and mother as well as siblings, life skills and continued education. “There is so much potential in a person if we can just provide the right position and conditions to a person. They would be able to grow and develop into their full potential as an adult.”

The news reporter posted a long Facebook post on her personal Facebook account of how she was moved and touched by the work of the project and the positive affects on these young adults.

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