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We have had the opportunity for the past 16 years of going to SE Asia to reach out to the orphans. Our trips have consisted of short term project trips, primarily to spend time with the orphans, build relationships, and to help meet their social and economic needs. Our family combined has taken over 50 trips to serve and spend time with the children in the orphanages.

Our desire for some time has been not only to make an impact short term, but to build something that will have lasting impact on the lives of these orphans. A transition house is the answer and gives these who fall through the cracks a much better chance of survival and success.

It costs $350 per month to care for one child. That breaks down to $150 for food, $110 for rent, $20 for a tutor, $50 for education and $20 for utilities.

These orphans do not have family to support them and have little or no funds  to attend a university upon graduation of a secondary  school.  We provide support and housing for the orphans upon their graduation from high school. During this transition, training is provided in a trade of their interest, as well as teaching on ethics, good business practices, self esteem & values, and other core values  to help integrate them into society.

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