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Our Mission

At PureVN, one of our goals is to help orphans transition from the orphanage to the real world. We provide a safe place for the orphans who are at a higher risk of becoming street kids and trafficked upon exiting the orphanage at age 18.

Poverty Alleviation

By providing a safe place for the orphans to transition to the real world, their chances of success are much greater due to education, and training. This will help alleviate poverty.

Unity in the Family

We believe that the health of the family unit is vital and is a contributing factor to a more successful and productive society. In an effort to bring unity, PureVn believes in creating solutions to fully restore the family.

Restore Identity

Upon exiting the orphanage along with training in a skill or trade, these young adults will also attend a course on self esteem and value as well as life skills.

Engage in Society

Upon graduating, our students will be ready for the real world and will engage and integrate into society. The internships that are provided during the 24 months will help to prepare the way for them.

May 24, 2023

Working With PureVN Is Not Simply a Job For Me

An is our communication staff (part-time) for PureVN office in Hanoi. He is smart, hard-working and very responsible. We have been enjoying working with him and are so touched to…
April 29, 2023

A Big Shout-Out to Joma Bakery Cafe Vietnam

A big shout-out to Joma Bakery Cafe Vietnam • Hà Nội for this generous community support, for every drink a customer orders at Joma To Ngoc Van on May 3rd, 2023, Joma…
April 6, 2023

The Giving Experience

Why Do You Support the Work of PureVN? Though all our supporters prefer to be unnamed, we think it's encouraging to occasionally hear why some of them joined us in…

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