A Cinderella Story

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Kim Thoa (or Kim as some friends call her) is one of the graduates from PureVN’s first transition home in Vietnam. She is also a college graduate and now has a good job with a position in business management for one of the top insurance companies in the country. But her life has not always been like that, in fact, you will be amazed at this “Cinderella story” as you read about all sorts of roads Kim has journeyed through.

Kim was abused when she was small and ran away from home when she was about 5. Then she was sent to a Social Protection Center in the countryside (sort of an orphanage-like social institution) and she grew up there until she was 18.

Against all odds, Kim managed to get admitted to college and majored in choreography with Hanoi University of Culture. Through some connections, Kim was introduced to PureVN’s first transition home and she came for a visit. But Kim decided not to move into the program due to some fears and uncertainty.

Living and adapting to new life in the city without a support system was extremely hard on Kim. She was struggling financially, emotionally, and physically.

She found herself surrounded by some negative people who did not believe she would make it in her choice of study. Others made sure Kim got the message that she, an orphan, didn’t deserve to be in the program. Some even accused Kim of victimizing herself because she was an orphan. Kim was having a hard time.

At some point, Kim was so stressed out and became suicidal. To help her out, a friend brought her to youth event so she could make some new friends. There, by coincidence, Kim met the transition home parents again who gave her good council and invited to consider taking the transition program again. This time, she said yes.

Life in the transition home was healing and restorative for Kim. She was loved, supported, and mentored. Aside from her study time, Kim actively joined some meaningful youth activities during her college year.

Against all odds, Kim graduated as a choreographer from her university and then did an internship for a year so she could get more experience. Kim is now working as a business manager for Manulife, selling life insurance and taking care of VIP clients. She is also working part time as a choreographer, conducting dance numbers for special events with clients from different companies and schools.

Kim is happy and so grateful that she gets to do what she loves and to help others. Moreover, Kim has been studying Chinese for over a year since she got a scholarship opportunity to study abroad in Taiwan. But she now decided to postpone the overseas study to a different timing in the future so she can focus on developing her career right now.


Kim attributes her transformation, from a country duck to beautiful swan, to grace from above and to people she encountered in her life. She is especially grateful to Mrs. Huong, PureVN’s country coordinator, who has been such a source of strength and a mentor to her over the years. She loves and speaks with deep gratitude towards her former house parents, Huong and Tuan Anh.

When asked anything else she would like others to know, in tears Kim shared these words: “I don’t even have enough words to say, to express how grateful I am to grace above for who I am today. With all my heart, deep down inside… I thank the Mabrys for their love for orphans like me. I am so thankful to Mrs. Huong, my house parents and all at PureVN who have loved and accepted me… pointing me to something bigger than I am. I was told I have value, a purpose in life and a mission…I am so moved. I also want to say thank you to PureVN supporters, either named or unnamed. Thank you for your love and generous support. Thank you so very much for giving me a future.”

Thank you, friends. Your support is making a huge difference in the life of orphan youths like Kim. We at PureVN are so grateful for you.

We are honored to serve this mission in creating solutions for orphans at risk in Vietnam.