The “r” in PureVN

By October 25, 2019 No Comments

The “r” in PureVN stands for restore identity. Upon exiting the orphanage along with training in a skill or trade, these young adults also attend a course on self esteem, value, and life skills.  Each week our kids in the transitional program receive this training through one of our partners, Coaching Vietnam. Coaching Vietnam mentors young people into a healthy lifestyle through life coaching.  They have constructed a coaching program for all of our transition houses to teach them life skills, problem solving, and life goals. The impact of this training tool aids in restoring identity to each individual who completes the training material. We are so proud of each of our kids as they work diligently to complete the training. We are also thrilled that our certified life coaches are also the houseparents of Nana’s house. Thank you Joseph and Xuan for serving our kids and coordinating this program.

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