Thang Graduated

By April 14, 2021 April 19th, 2021 No Comments

Congratulations to Thang!

Thang is one of our kids in Papa’s House.  He aged out of an orphanage in a province in the countryside last May and came to live in Papa’s House with his new brothers and sisters along with his house parents Dung and Thuy.  He has been diligently studying image editing at a Social Enterprise, Imagtor and has just completed his requirements to be a photo editor and graduated in March. Imagtor has hired Thang and he will be making a sufficient income to support himself soon. We are so grateful for the opportunity that Imagtor gave Thang and we know he will be an asset to their team because he will be a hard working employee. This is a success story and exactly the Vision of PureVN. After exiting the orphanage, we provide opportunity for the most vulnerable which are those kids who have no family, no place to live, nor real job opportunity, or who have not past the college entrance exam. These precious kids like Thang, who have a God-given destiny, now have a chance to reach their full potential. We are so grateful for all of our partners and those who support the vision.