All Are Healthy and Well

By April 21, 2020 April 27th, 2020 No Comments

Amid the corona virus, the kids in Nana’s House and John’s House are well and still thriving. They have been in quarantine since February and have adjusted to the circumstances of their new life for now. There has been lots of family time and they have spent much of their free time in fun activities and training. We are so blessed that our house parents treasure these kids and are such a source of safety and comfort during this time as they continue to speak life and truth into our kids about their identity. We are waiting in expectation for our 3rd house to open up this summer.


Huong has not allowed this time of restriction to stifle her passion and desire to share about what PureVN is doing. She participated in a Facebook live discussion at the request of the US embassy along with a panel of other leaders and professionals to share how to practice an eco-friendly lifestyle in Vietnam. This gave her an opportunity to talk about Papa Shop and how we recycle clothes in our online resale store to help support our transition houses. Huong jumps at any chance to share the benefits of helping her community as a whole, and of course investing in the lives of young people by providing a safe family environment  for them to reach their potential and to become the person that God created them to be.

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