Introducing Our Two Newest Graduates

By January 10, 2022 No Comments

Introducing our two new graduates from Nana’s House last year: Sử and Gì

Sử once said: “When it comes to my personal development, I wonder which one is more important between my environment and my own efforts.” Now that he has transitioned to real life as a Business Administration major at Thuong Mai University, and has had time to reflect, this is what he expressed about his experience in the transition home:

“From this place, I have gained maturity in both body and soul, prompting me to value love as a compass for my life and my career.”

Gì is Sử’s brother and he too is a student and attends University of Transport and Communications. He is so grateful for their house parents, Joseph and Xuan, and thinks they are the most wonderful people that he has ever met. He shared this about the couple: “They have such compassionate and loving hearts toward everyone, being willing to share and help anyone who is in need.”

Joseph and Xuan are excited and nervous for Sử and Gì’s new journey to real life out there as if they are their very own children, but they both have confidence in these two siblings.  They have seen how Su and Gì have grown and how much they are ready for independent life. Nana’s Transition Home is always there to help with coaching and mentoring whenever they need.

Sử and Gì are students now, but they also have the entrepreneurship spirit. Sử is studying and researching on house rental model (like Airbnb) and planning to do this business model in the summer.

We at PureVN are so proud of Sử and Gì for who they have become and wish them all the best. Bon Voyage, Sử and Gì!