Vi Transitioned Out

By August 25, 2023 No Comments

Vi moved into Nana’s House when she was moving from the countryside to the city for her university study. Being “Fresh off the bus”, she felt so overwhelmed with life in a large and busy city. Having lived at this transition home with Mr. Joseph, Mrs. Xuan, and other house members made Vi feel so protected and at peace. During her time there living there, she said, “first thing I sensed was safety.” Not only that, she recalled those early days when everyone in the house was so welcoming and wholeheartedly helpful in supporting her adapt to life at this new home. She disclosed, “I didn’t have to be worry about meeting all ends, from struggling to find my next meals to the next tuition fee. I now had more time to focus on my studies and care for those around me.”

Vi went on telling how much she has changed because of living at Nana’s House, especially in getting along with others who were so different from her. She boldly says that she is “more caring, more disciplined and more organized” in her living.

After close to a year at the transition home, Vi gained confidence in her adjusting to her city life and school life, prompting her to transition out to “give a chance to others who are more needed.”

Vi is so grateful to PureVN, Nana’s house parents and all the house members for their love and support. This is her parting words to other (current and potential) transition home members: “Transition home is a good opportunity for you to adjust to new life. It raises you up in every aspect, and it strengthens you, so you will be with a great foundation to step out into society. I hope the organization will continue with this transition program and you all, please truly cherish this great opportunity.”

So what’s next for Vi?

She now focuses on her personal development. She is applying for a few job positions to enhance her communication and experience. Vi will continue to work part time and finish her university studies. “I plan to study English well to open up other opportunities for myself. I hope that my next phase in life will be smooth. I would love to keep a good connection with PureVN. Thank you, transition home family! Thank you, Mr. Joseph, Mrs. Xuan and other home members and all others at PureVN!”

 Thank you, Vi! You have been a great transition home member. Thank you for using the opportunity given to you well. You are such a go-getter! We will miss you and wish you all the best on your next steps. Please come back to visit us often! And feel free to reach out when you need help. We love you!