PureVN 2023 Career Camp

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Our 3 day and 2 night PureVN 2023 Career camp was a success! Though it may seem brief, it took a lot of effort in the preparation process for our organizers and ​​the speakers. During this camp, our transition home youth were equipped with knowledge about “career trees.”

Imagine with us, career is like a tree, in order to get the “sweet fruit” in the job of your choice, you must nurture the “roots”. You get to discover about yourself, your interests, your strengths, your weaknesses, your abilities and your values ​​and the value of your job.

Why? To achieve good results you need to practice, then persevere. Discover what motivates you, what is blocking you, and what may be hindering your values.

Using the Holland Career Assessment Tool, our youth were given a chance to discover the career group that matched their personalities and then prompted with tools to build a career plan called career key.

Along with training sessions on career guidance, our youth had a great opportunity to meet and hear from speakers from large corporations in Vietnam, namely TH Group and Vingroup, with the following themes:

“Adapting to Corporate Culture” is a 4-step model as students prepare to enter the enterprise environment – Understanding, Knowing, Believing and Doing.

”Building Your Dream Career” prepares our youth with good mindsets and habits when going to work for a company.

”What Employers Need From You” guides our youth on writing their resumes and equips them with healthy interviewing techniques.

All may sound like some daunting workshops, yet these sessions were full of fun and laughter, and exciting group activities, and there was so much teambuilding achieved after 3 days of camp.

The Career Camp time flew quickly to an end, leaving behind such sweet memories and new experiences for our transition home youth.

Through their fun learning time at the camp, plus all the teamwork activities, they shared that the distance between them, because of living in separate transition houses, gradually disappeared.

For instance, when faced with some tough games for their Team Building exercises, they did not give up but stuck together until the end.

We must not forget the emotional Gala night, as we watched our PureVN youth perform with passion, and how happy they were when receiving their prizes.

Yet more importantly, we rejoice with them as they were able to relax and have fun after a year of hard work. It was so encouraging to see the confidence they gained after the Career Camp, as they were given the space to connect, love and support one another. We truly believe that those smiles on their faces will accompany our youth on their future ahead.

Having such a successful Career Camp, we sincerely thank all the guest speakers:

  • Ms. Ha Thanh Thu, journalist and international coaching expert, who was the main speaker of the summer camp.
  • Ms. Tran Van Nuong, Sociology researcher; international coaching expert, who attended and shared useful tools with the youth.
  • Ms. Thuc Minh, training manager, Vinpearl, Vingroup.
  • Mr. Nguyen Anh Quan, L&D manager, TH Foodchain, TH Group
  • Ms. Pham Thu Hien, Human Resources Manager, Th Foodchain, TH Group.
  • We so appreciate these professionals who took time to come in such a short notice, embracing the travel distance in order to share with our youth their passion and knowledge.
  • Special thanks to Bavi Homestead for sponsoring the campsite for us for the past 3 days.

Having the support and companionship from everyone has been such a great motivation for us, the PureVn Team. Your support and friendship mean a lot as you journey with us in creating the most beautiful lives out there!

Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts!