We Have Another Baker!

By June 22, 2023 No Comments

We have got another baker!

Cho has graduated from our transition program, and we are so happy for her. You can feel her joy when she shares about her time in transition home, Nana’s House. In her words, “My time in the transition home was not too long but not short either, but I have felt all the love and affections everyone has for me.” Cho chose her vocational track and took her internship with Joma Bakery, our partner. And currently is working for this great business in the city.

Cho considers herself very fortunate to know about PureVN’s program and those who have been a meaningful and constructive part of her life for over a year. She now sees how mature she has become and is ready for her independent life having received all the adequate support and training needed.

Cho hopes and prays that the transition home program would expand more to help other disadvantaged youth like her. For her, “it’s a wonderful program!”

What’s next? Now being a baker, Cho will continue to pursue this passion as her future career.

Congratulations Cho. It was such a joy to serve you through our program, especially watching you take the opportunity, work hard and thrive well.

We wish you the best on your next phase of your life. Please come back to visit your PureVN home often!