Working With PureVN Is Not Simply a Job For Me

By May 24, 2023 No Comments

An is our communication staff (part-time) for PureVN office in Hanoi. He is smart, hard-working and very responsible. We have been enjoying working with him and are so touched to hear what he says about his work and the encouragement to the youth in our transition homes.

Hi everyone! My name is An, 22 years old and currently a last year student of University of Social Sciences & Humanities, Hanoi National University.

I was fortunate to be introduced to Mrs. Huong Dinh, PureVN country director and got accepted as a communication staff for PureVN from May 2022. My main job is Fanpage managing, content writing, designing and doing some other related work.

I have been with PureVN for almost a year joining in various programs in which I got opportunities to get to know those friends who are in the transition homes.

Something I realized that working with PureVN is not simply a job for me. But I feel the joy for the opportunities to support these friends throughout various events, having lots of interesting experiences when I got to join activities with everyone.

If I may say some words of encouragement to you, my friends, that we all come from different walks of life, experiencing life from disadvantaged points.

And now that you have come to live under the same roof, being loved and supported wholehearted by your house parents (in the transition home.)

Perhaps it’s time you consider it as your new family.

Friends, please don’t feel so lowly or self-pity about yourselves. Time to dream and work hard to fulfill your big dreams.

I believe that the house parents and Mrs. Huong Dinh will be always by your side when you need help or like to share your hearts.

I wish you all with confidence in your heart and firmness in your steps. Best of lucks!