FAQ on PureVN: The Context, The Problem and The Solution

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What is the problem PureVN wants to address and what are the contextual conditions that contribute to the problem?

UNICEF reports there are at least 150,000,000 orphans worldwide. Statistically, these orphans have a great chance to produce orphans, not graduate high school, be victims of human trafficking, be involved in criminal activity, have addiction problems, homelessness, and to live a life of poverty than kids who are not orphans. One of our goals is to break those cycles. A large contributing factor to those increased risk is a lack of support network afforded to youth entering life on their own from what would be considered a family setting. Growing up in an orphanage and not in a family, children do not experience or learn the roles of a mom and dad, or doing life with siblings, or navigating family conflict. Unlike children who grow up in a family environment, orphaned children do not have the benefit of family support or the network of family friends as they begin life on their own.

In Vietnam, orphans living in social institutions typically age out of the orphanage at 18 years of age with whatever money they may have saved as a child, and the limited clothes they had as a child. Not having the benefit of parents and other family members to speak into everyday life issues, orphans lack the life skills other kids their age have. The lack of life skills, lack of love and support as well as coming from an orphanage setting, orphaned children have lower self-esteem and self-worth. Studies show the lower self-esteem and self-worth in orphans creates an unhealthy dependence on other adults.

What is PureVN’s solution to the problem? What’s a brief overview of PureVN project?

At PureVN we believe one solution is transition houses. Transition houses gives orphans who have aged out of orphanage, to be better prepared for a successful life on their own by giving them a home to live in with 6-8 other young people and reputable house parents. During their 18-24 month stay in the transition house, the orphan youth attend a trade school or participate in an internship. They are also taught English, tutored to take the college entrance exam if desired, taught life skills, receive life coaching, and how to live in a family environment.

These are the four pillars of what PureVN does, aiming for transformation on the lives of the orphan youth we serve: Poverty Alleviation, Unity in the Family, Restore Identity and Engage in Society.

We would love to invite you to be part of the solution, bringing love and transformation to the orphan youth that we serve. Please come join us! Contact on how to start.

If you are already supporting our cause, thank you so very much! You are the best! We are grateful for your love and support! We can’t do all this without you. Xin cam on!